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      I’m starting the search for a supervisor as my current mentor is preparing for retirement.  I would appreciate any guidance or recommendations from this group!

      I have a Master of Counselling (Australia) and live in Hong Kong.  Our family is preparing to return home to Sydney, Australia in January 2020.  Here’s my LinkedIn profile or website for a deeper dive, if that’s your thing.

      I work with clients aged 6 to 18 years individually and in groups at a private integrative medicine practice, in schools, and in nature on the trails of Hong Kong.  I also work with adults in private practice and nature, individually and in groups or with their families.  According to PACFA requirements, I’m looking for at least 10 hours of formal supervision over the next 12 months.  As an aside, I share the teachings of yoga with children, families, domestic workers, female prisoners, and refugees.

      Once I exit Hong Kong, the therapy sessions outdoors will (hopefully) outnumber the hours between four walls with clients, so it would be great to find a Supervisor who’s on board with that and can share their wisdom.  My current supervisor’s initial response to the work in nature (more specifically the campfires, hiking, tree climbing, river trekking, and wild boars who watched on) was “why on earth would you add that layer of risk to an already high-risk profession and client population!”  Thankfully her perspective has shifted over the time we have worked together.

      If any Supervisors comes to mind, I welcome receiving a connection via message here or email (see website).  Thank you!  Please also reach out if you have any questions.

      With gratitude,

      Melissa Shadforth

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