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The “Conversation Circles” site provides a place for new and emerging conversations within the IAT community. It is a place for hot topics to be discussed, questions to be asked, information to be shared, and resources to be uploaded. 

The site is divided into a general discussion forum (below) and conversation groups. The general discussion forum is readable by any site visitor. The conversation groups require you to register a site account and request access to the group. Registering a site account is free and only takes a few minutes. If you would like to start a new topic, post a new question, or comment on an existing topic you will need to register for a site account.

We invite you to share your stories too!

Site use guidelines

If you choose to participate in this site, you are choosing to extend your own understandings, and respectfully invite others to extend theirs. Before you begin, we ask that you read the brief guidelines provided below…

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Site guidelines

Consideration of differences – 

  • We ask that you consider the breadth of social, cultural, environmental and political influences that have informed the development of adventure therapy around the world. Adventure therapy is practiced, theorised and researched in different ways based on local context.

  • We ask that you try to understand people’s reasons for using different words, languages, descriptions, theories, models and practices. People draw on different evidence and privilege different kinds of evidence in designing their adventure therapy services and programs.

  • We ask that you be wiling to engage in multiple acts of translation. In some places, what you understand as adventure therapy may be instead called Friluftsterapi, Outdoor Behavioural Healthcare, Bush Adventure Therapy and more. These terms require us to understand different world views and historical evolutions – and may help clarify what adventure therapy is for you in your context.

Consideration of what you write – 

  • We ask that you stay alert to the enduring nature of the written word, and the far reaching effects that your words can have on yourself and others. It is possible that your comments will live on this site for many years to come.

  • While all the groups and forums on this site are moderated, usually by two people, we ask that you act as ‘the first moderator’ and ensure that the tone and content you post is appropriate, respectful, and casually professional.

  • If you start a new topic, question or discussion, we ask that you invite a co-moderator to help you facilitate a constructive and emergent discussion. If possible, choose a co-moderator who brings a different lens, gender or culture to the topic. 

Consideration of sources – 

  • We ask that if you are using other people’s material or are referring to what people have written on this site, that you recognise authorship and the origin of the idea (Author/s, Year, Page/s).

  • Where possible, provide a full reference for any citation you make at the end of your post or comment, and if possible add a url link to the cited work.

General Discussion Forum

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Viewing 3 topics - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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